Top 20 Elementary Schools in Chicago Suburbs, ranked by 3rd Grade Test Performance.

Below is the list of the top 20 Elementary Schools in the Chicago Suburbs based on the standardized test scores for 3rd graders at the school.  Test scores are only one factor in evaluating the quality of education at the school, and some argue not a very indicative factor, but nonetheless, it is an easy way to sort schools.  At you can sort schools by any grade you wish (but testing starts in the 3rd grade, so there is no data for K-2nd grade), and you can include only Chicago Schools, or only Suburban Schools, or both Chicago and Suburban Schools.  This list is only top elementary schools in Chicago Suburbs, ranked by 3rd grade test scores, and you can see for yourself at this link.

1Longfellow Elem SchoolWheaton
2The Lane Elem SchoolHinsdale
3Eisenhower AcademyJoliet
4Forest Hills Elem SchoolWestern Springs
5Willowbrook Elem SchoolGlenview
6Hough Street Elem SchoolBarrington
7Lincoln Elem SchoolHighland Park
8Emerson Elem SchoolWheaton
9Lincoln Prairie SchoolHoffman Estates
10Greeley Elem SchoolWinnetka
11Centennial SchoolOrland Park
12Walden Elem SchoolDeerfield
13Shabonee SchoolNorthbrook
14Kipling Elem SchoolDeerfield
15South Park Elem SchoolDeerfield
16Fairview Elem SchoolHoffman Estates
17Oak Grove Elem SchoolLibertyville
18Barbara B Rose Elem SchoolSouth Barrington
19Wescott Elementary SchoolNorthbrook
20Thomas Dooley Elem SchoolSchaumburg
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