How Parents Can Benefit from SchoolSparrow, A Service Brought to You by Sparrow Realty

We feel very passionate about helping families conduct a school and home search in Chicago. This is the focus of our website To give you better look at what SchoolSparrow is all about we’ve interviewed a past client. Here’s what they had to say:

SS: Why were you looking to move?

RF: The rent was going up in our two bedroom apartment and we were expecting a second child.

SS: How did you connect with Sparrow Realty?

RF: The first house we saw was suggested by friends. We saw two more with a realtor we didn’t really connect with. We stopped looking for a while, then my wife was put in contact with Sparrow Realty via the NPN network.

SS: How did you first encounter SchoolSparrow?

RF: With a 3 year old and a child on the way, finding a house near a good school was of prime importance to us. We were told Tom (Sparrow Realty Managing Broker) has special expertise in this area, and during our first meeting with him, he told us about School Sparrow.

SS: What was your reaction when you realized that SchoolSparrow could help you find a home while also educating you on quality public school options?

RF: We were lucky enough to already be engaged with Tom / Sparrow Realty. I used School Sparrow frequently to get school data, through a school search for a given address far beyond what MLS and other online services could provide.

SS: How was working with SchoolSparrow different than working with other real estate companies/agents?

RF: We worked with Tom not only for his SchoolSparrow specialty, but also his LiveByTransit service. The two together was a very unique offering that met two of our most important needs in a new home.

SS: What was the greatest tool or asset which SchoolSparrow provided you with?

RF: SchoolSparrow’s greatest asset is its ability to minimize personal searching time while providing extremely thorough data about a school for a given address.

SS: What advice do you have for other parents navigating public schools in Chicago?

RF: We were amazed that there are actually people who act as consultants for navigating the CPS. Tom / SchoolSparrow saved us money, since its expertise provided during the house searching process.

SS: What advice do you have for other parents looking to purchase a home within the attendance boundaries of a Chicago public school?

RF:SchoolSparrow is a powerful tool for parents looking to purchase real-estate in Chicago. Its founder also has specialized expertise in matching real-estate to transit needs. I can’t wait for both those services to be merged, if they haven’t already.

Contact Tom Brown of Sparrow Realty today and find your next home near public transit or near a great Chicago public school! 312.502.8213.

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Our mission is to bring equitable school rankings to all families in the US, so that a home purchase decision can be made with a more balanced view of school quality. Today school rankings are biased towards privileged neighborhoods, and they unfairly discount schools with the socio-economic diversity. We aim to bring equity to school rankings.

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