7 Best Elementary Schools in the Nashville Suburbs

Looking for the best elementary schools in the suburbs of Nashville?

Well, look no further! You came to the right spot! At SchoolSparrow, we can help you find the right fit school for your family!

Nashville is home to at least 73 different elementary schools that parents could choose from, but how can parents decide on one when there’s that many?

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Redefining School Quality

This is where SchoolSparrow can help. Because here at SchoolSparrow, we try to redefine society’s meaning of what makes a school a “good school.” We believe a “good school” shouldn’t be based on the wallets of the school’s parents, and we certainly don’t believe a good school should be based on how homogenous the school’s students are. But that is exactly what has a significant influence on the reigning school ratings out there: parent income. The schools where parents have high incomes are often homogenous schools with very little diversity.

SchoolSparrow’s ratings system takes into account the largest influencer of standardized test scores: parent income.

Our rating system recognizes unfairly underrated schools that are making a difference, not simply benefiting from high achievers from high income families. And by normalizing for parent income, our system highlights schools that have a vibrant community with diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, which has been proven to have cognitive benefits that simply cannot exist at homogenous schools.

Read more about our ranking system here.

And here is a link to a great article about the cognitive benefits of diversity in school.

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SchoolSparrow’s Out-Performers in the Nashville Suburbs

So with further ado, below you’ll find the list of the 7 best elementary schools in the suburbs of Nashville. These schools are underrated on most school ranking websites, but with SchoolSparrow’s ranking system, these schools are all recognized for outstanding instruction, and they should not be overlooked!

1. Old Center Elementary School – Goodlettsville, TN

Goodlettsville is a city located in both Davidson and Sumner County, the population being 16,798 in 2019 based on the census. Furthermore, the school is located only 16 minutes away from downtown Nashville.

Old Center Elementary School — Metro Nashville Public Schools
Photo Courtesy: Metro Nashville Public Schools

Is diversity a big thing for you? Old Center Elementary School earns a diversity score 30 out of 40 — the second highest rating! This means the school is a vibrant mix of many different cultures.

Schools located in the Nashville Metro area with similar parent income profiles score an average of 19.4 points, meaning 19% of students exceed or meet state standards on the RLA (reading language arts) section on the annual standardized tests.

But students at Old Center Elementary School exceed this expectation by 65%! They received an overall score of 32 points. 

Greatschools rates Old Center Elementary 6/10, but this school deserves a much better score. SchoolSparrow awards Old Center an A (10/10) for their amazing job at educating their students.

Looking for a home near Old Center Elementary? The median home value is $278,127. Look at this charming 2 bedroom house currently listed at $180,000. It’s only 6 minutes away from school by car!

Address: 1245 Dickerson Pike, Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Website: https://schools.mnps.org/old-center-elementary-school

2. Westmoreland Elementary School – Westmoreland, TN

Westmoreland is a town in Sumner County, Tennessee. It had a population of 2,421 in 2018 on the census, and it’s about 48 miles northeast of downtown Nashville.

Welcome to Westmoreland Elementary School
Photo Courtesy: Westmoreland Elementary School

Westmoreland Elementary School excels in test scores as well; other schools in the Nashville Metro area with similar parent income profiles score an average of 25.4 points, meaning 25% of their students meet or exceed state standards on standardized tests. 

At Westmoreland Elementary School, students exceed this expectation by 73%! Overall, the school scored 44 points, which is why we recognize this school as an Out-Performer and one of the best elementary schools in the Nasville suburbs! 

SchoolSparrow awards Westmoreland Elementary School an A (10/10), while Greatschools unfairly assigns this school a 6/10. 

Want to buy a house near Westmoreland Elementary School? The median home value is $142,450. Check out this nice 2 bedroom house currently listed at $59,900. It’s only 5 minutes away from school! 

Address: 4178 Hawkins Drive, Westmoreland, TN 37186

Website: http://wes.sumnerschools.org 

3. Watauga Elementary School – Ridgetop, TN

Ridgetop is a city located in Davidson and Robertson counties with a population of 2,170 estimated by the US Census. The school is located 23 minutes away from downtown Nashville.

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TN schools with similar parent income profiles score an average of 29.2 points, meaning 29% exceed or meet state standards on standardized tests. 

On the other hand, Watauga Elementary School excels in that aspect with 44% of their students exceeding or meeting this expectation! Overall, the school scores 42 points! 

Because of the excellent instruction by Watauga teachers, SchoolSparrow awards Watauga Elementary with a rating of an A (10/10) while Greatschools only scores them a 6/10. Watauga Elementary is also trending an upwards 59% from their previous year, meaning their scores are only improving! 

Ridgetop has a median home price of $215,644. Here’s a listing of this homey-looking house with 3 beds and 2 bathrooms for $227,500! It’s only a 4 minute drive from the school! 

Address: 1755 Lake Rd, Ridgetop, TN 37152

Website: https://wat.rcstn.net/

4. Sam Houston Elementary School – Lebanon, TN

Lebanon is the county seat of Wilson County with an estimated population of 36,479 in 2019. Sam Houston Elementary School is located 39 minutes from downtown Nashville!

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Sam Houston Elementary School earns a respectable 15 out 40 diversity score, but how do students do on test scores?

Well, Nashville Metro area schools with similar parent income profiles score an average of 24.7 points, meaning 25% meet or exceed the state standards on standardized tests. 

Nonetheless, students at Sam Houston exceed this expectation by 64%, earning a total of 45 points! 

For going above and beyond, SchoolSparrow ranks Sam Houston with a rating of an A (10/10)! Meanwhile, Greatschools only gives it a 5/10.  

In terms of real estate, the median home value in Lebanon is $280,373. Want to move here? Here’s a listing of a nice-looking house with 3 beds and 2 bathrooms for $275,000. One real nice thing about this listing is that it’s only 2 minutes away from Sam Houston Elementary School! 

Address: 207 Oakdale Drive, Lebanon, TN 37087

Website: http://www.samhouston.us 

5. Dodson Elementary School – Hermitage, TN

Hermitage is a neighborhood in Metropolitan Nashville, TN, located in eastern Davidson County. It’s home to the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson and has a population of 39,026 people. 

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Dodson Elementary School earns a diversity score of 40 — the highest score possible! No doubt Dodson elementary will provide the cognitive benefits that come with diversity, which just can’t be replicated at a homogenous school.

Dodson students excel in their standardized test performance as well. Nashville Metro schools with similar parent income profiles score an average of 15.4 points, meaning 15% of students meet or exceed the state standard. 

At Dodson Elementary, however, its students exceed this expectation by 75%! They actually score 27 points! 

From this, SchoolSparrow awards Dodson Elementary with an A- (9/10). However, Greatschools only rates them 4/10. 

Interested in getting a house here? The median home value is $167,331. Look at this beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house listed at $209,900.

Address: 4401 Chandler Rd, Hermitage, TN 37076

Website: https://schools.mnps.org/dodson-elementary-school 

6. Goodlettsville Elementary School – Goodlettsville, TN

There was a school mentioned above that was also located in Goodlettsville, but here’s another great elementary school located in this area! 

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Goodlettsville Elementary School earns a whooping score 30 out 40 for diversity — the second highest rating! 

This school wouldn’t be on our list if they didn’t outperform their peers on standardized test! For TN schools with similar parent income profiles, the average is 22.7 points, which means 23% of students score or exceed the standardized test average. 

However, at Goodlettsville, students exceed the average by 41%, earning a total of 32 points! Compared to last year, the school is also on an upwards trend of 34.7%, which means there are improvements to their exams! 

For their hard work and dedication, SchoolSparrow ranked it a A- (9/10). Meanwhile, Greatschools gave it a 5/10. 

The median home price is $278,127. Look at this listing for an amazing 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse only priced $162,900! Let’s not forget that it’s only located 2 minutes from school too! 

Address: 514 Donald Ave, Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Website: https://schools.mnps.org/goodlettsville-elementary-school/

7. J W Wiseman Elementary School – Portland, TN

Portland is a city located in both Sumner and Robertson County. According to the U.S. census bureau, the population was 13,030 in 2019. The region is known for excellent agricultural soils, a wildlife environment, and enjoyable climate. 

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

J W Wiseman earns a respectable diversity score of 20 out 40 — the third highest rating on our list! 

How does J W Wiseman do on standardized tests? 

Well, for starters, schools with similar parent income profiles score an average of 26.0 points, meaning that around 26% of the students exceed or meet the standardized test average. 

At J W Wiseman, however, students exceed this average by 42%, achieving a total of 37 points! In fact, J W Wiseman is actually trending 34.2% upwards from the previous year, meaning their test scores are improving! 

For their hard work and dedication, SchoolSparrow awarded this school an A- (9/10), while Greatschools rated them 6/10. 

Suddenly have an urge to live here? The home media value is $193,064. Click this listing to see a beautiful 2 bedroom house that’s only 2 minutes away from school by car! 

Address: 922 South Broadway, Portland, TN 37148

Website: https://jww.sumnerschools.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4&Itemid=6

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