SchoolSparrow.com was started by realtors, parents and web developers in Chicago who recognized a lack of resources for finding both the best Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and the right homes in those school districts.

SchoolSparrow will change the way parents look for good schools in Chicago by synchronizing the home and school search. Most parents in Chicago end up sending their kids to schools based on word of mouth recommendations from friends and family, and as a result they do not consider many schools that could alter their standard of living due to decreased housing costs. The search functionality at SchoolSparrow.com allows users to find the top 30 school districts that have homes for sale right now within the users defined budget. This search uncovers the hidden gem schools that not only produce exceptional students, but also that have affordable housing stock within their attendance boundaries.

Chicago families are increasingly sending their children to CPS because of a recent significant increase in the quality of education at many schools within CPS. This increase in quality comes none too soon for some families who are unable to sell their city homes (see this Crain’s Article). We interviewed dozens of parents with children in Chicago Public Schools, and they all reported shortcomings in the availability of data to sort public school performance data, as well as tools to find properties by school district. SchoolSparrow was created to solve both problems.

SchoolSparrow.com aggregates publicly available data including 1) School Performance, 2) School Boundaries, and 3) Current MLS listings to allow our affiliate agents and registered users to easily conduct a home search based on the quality of the school district in which properties are located. Our goal is not only to provide a resource to consumers that are considering Chicago Public Schools for their children, but also to match consumers up with qualified realtors that have access to our school district search resources. SchoolSparrow affiliate agents understand the importance of school districts to consumers, and they recognize the lack of resources available to truly conduct a comprehensive school district home search.

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